Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Harry Potter VII: Round 2

This was my second time reading the final Harry Potter book, and I enjoyed it and appreciated it so much more. The first time I read it (the first few days it was released), it felt like they were camping in the forest for forever and that a lot of what happened in the book were random adventures to fill space. I now realize that I only felt that way because I was trying to read it as fast as I could so I could find out what happened at the end, and that was the reason I found the book frustrating the first time.

I have to take this opportunity to give a shout-out. Somewhere in the world is a person who put a "Believe Snape" bumper sticker on their car BEFORE the seventh book came out. As they drove past me one day in downtown Seattle, I started yelling inside about how I HATED Snape (after reading the sixth book) and how could they have that bumper sticker? Well, I was wrong, and I wish I could find that bumper sticker for myself!

What Rowling does with Snape in this book (and thus in all the others--which is cool) is AMAZING. My only question is why doesn't he have a portrait in the headmaster's office at the end? Dumbledore's appeared like immediately after he died. I missed Snape in that last scene.

P.S. Wondering why I have no comments about the Harry Potter movies? I liked the first two a lot, but after #4 I gave up watching them. The end.

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Munoz Monkies said...

How can the movies ever compare to these great books? I loved this novel as well and it is one of the three I am currently re-reading.